Kihong (Jason)  Hong

BPE, RMT, Owner 

Kihong is registered as a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada and a clinic owner. 

In Canada, he has graduated from the Intensive Massage therapy program at Algonquin college.

Kihong has graduated Jeon-buk National University with physical education bachelor from South Korea. 

After his graduation, Kihong worked in Choi-won ho hospital with Orthopaedic surgeons dealing with

post-surgery patients and Soong-sil high school soccer varsity team.

Kihong has diverse experiences from Military Service, coaching sports, and clinical experience from Korea and Canada.

Kihong also has trained at FC Barcelona hub, working on:

  • Injury Management

  • Neuromuscular Training and Muscle power for strength training

Kihong's main approach to treatment  is holistic assessment of human body, sports rehab with comprehensive massage and 

functional rehabilitation.