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Healing Services 

 Massage Therapy

 Massage Therapy is suitable for injuries such as strain, tendinitis, pain or who is diagnosed by other health professionals. Also, this will be the best experience for those who have pain during sports or physical activities. 

Objective Assessment

Based on your intake form, complaints, or other health professional referrals, we will assess your body. Expect to be assessed for any issues regarding imbalance and  any limited functional  movement.  Following the holistic approach and principles of kinetic movement of the human body, we will make a custom treatment plan for you.


Through objective assessment, we will provide clinical massage therapy using diverse techniques such as joint mobilization, ART, deep tissue, fasica release, MET.

Home care

Each sessions may include therapeutic exercises and/or selective strengthening exercise based on you symptoms. 


30min Healing Massage Therapy:  90 + tax 

 45min Healing Massage Therapy:  105 + tax

 60min Healing Massage Therapy:  120 + tax

 75min Healing Massage Therapy:  135 + tax

Exercise Therapy

You will experience personalized workout plan such as form correction, strengthening individual muscles, balance training, movement training. 

Benefits of Exercise Therapy

This service will be helpful that who wants to recover their function, performance, and sports from injury or pain. After the rehabilitation protocol, or imbalance posture from working environment needs care to your body get back their full function. Our clinic will help your better movement. 

Our specialties include, but are not limited to, treatment of the following joints and pain points:

  •      Back

  •      Neck

  •      Shoulders

  •      Arms

  •      Hands

  •      Hips

  •      Knees

  •      Feet


30min Specialized Exercise Therapy:  60 + tax

45min Specialized Exercise Therapy:  75 + tax

60min Specialized Exercise Therapy:  85 + tax

Consult with our experts for package

Cancellation Policy

We request that you give us 24 hours cancellation notice to avoid penalty

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