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What can you except
from our clinic?

You are in experts hands with Hong’s Health Care team .

Our team of professionals are here to assist you.

Are you suffering from back pain or joint pain, or Has your Workout created some discomfort, has your post-surgery or an accident left you with discomfort or pain? We are here for you; our Massage therapy and Exercise therapy help that will create an individual treatment plan and workout routine to better assist with building a strong core and improvement.


Massage Therapy

All our professional massage therapists and are registered by CMTO.

 Through massage therapy, first we will discuss your pain and discomfort. Also, some of the benefits are increased relaxation, decreased pain and tension, may also help with anxiety, depression, insomnia. and so much more

Exercise Therapy

One to one private training that you will have a session with our professional trainer to help your rehabilitation.  You may experience improved Mobily, better core strength , will also reduce your risk of osteoporosis, vascular conditioning and will  improve sleep quality and more. Let not forget aging, we loss 3-8 percent per decade after the age of 30. This is the contributor to disability as we age.

We accept direct billing

coContact for detail

*Check your policy for Massage Therapy coverage


328 Somerset St W. Ottawa, ON

K2P 0J9




Clinic Hours


SAT: 9AM - 4PM

SUN: 10AM- 2PM


 Massage Therapy

 Massage Therapy is suitable for injuries such as strain, tendinitis, pain or who is diagnosed by other health professionals. Also, this will be the best experience for those who have pain during sports or physical activities. 

Objective assessment

Based on your intake form, complaints or other health profesional referals,

we will assess your body.

You will expect to be assessed about your imbalace, limited funtional movement.

Follwing holistic approach and principles of kinetic movement of human body, we will make a treatment plan for you. 


Through objective assessment, we will provide clinical massage therapy using diverse techniques such as joint mobilization, ART, deep tissue, fasica release, MET.

Home care

At the end of sessions, you will have a routine for therapeutic exercises, selective strengthening exercise based on you symptoms. 


30 min Massage Therapy: $90 + tax

 45 min Massage Therapy: $105 + tax

 60 min Massage Therapy: $120 + tax

 75 min Massage Therapy: $135 + tax

Exercise Therapy

You will experience personalized workout plan such as form correction, strengthening individual muscles, balance training, movement training. 

Benefits of Exercise Therapy

This service will be helpful that who wants to recover their function, performance, and sports from injury or pain. After the rehabilitation protocol, or imbalance posture from working environment needs care to your body get back thier full function. Our clinic will help your better movement. 


30 min Exercise Therapy: $60 + tax

 45 min Exercise Therapy: $75 + tax

 60 min Exercise Therapy: $85 + tax

Consult with our experts for package


Cancellation Policy

We may request to give us notification before 24 hour for cancellation. If not, we should full charge.

Our team 


Kihong (Jason)  Hong

BPE, RMT, Owner 

He is registered as a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada and a clinic owner. 

In Canada, he has graduated from the Intensive Massage therapy program at Algonquin college.

Kihong had physical education bachelor degree from South Korea.  After his graduation, Kihong worked in Korean hospital with Orthopaedic surgeons dealing with

post-surgery patients and high school soccer varsity team. He has diverse experiences from Military Service, coaching sports, and clinical experience from Korea and Canada.

His treatment  is holistic assessment of human body, sports rehab with comprehensive massage and 

functional rehabilitation. 

mom headshot.jpg

Dawn Louise
Personal Trainer

Her journey to become a personal trainer and health coach started with her own physical pain and struggle for a healthier lifestyle. Her goal is to help others take back their like, both mentally and physically to gain confidence, and most importantly to love them self in their own skin.  She works to empower her clients with the tools and techniques they need to make real changes in their lives moving forward.  She will create a personnel work out plan that you can easy follow on your own along with a plan to work on to gather in the clinic. she will teach you to importance of core engagement, proper breathing and form when doing  resistance training.  She will also help you with better nutrition and educate you on making better choice when shopping or going out with friends. 

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